What is the Meaning of Business Communication Skills?

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Regardless of industry, communication is essential in the workplace. Workers must communicate with their coworkers, managers, customers and potential customers to assist the business in performing its operations. While most people have at least some business communication skills, it's important for job seekers to expand and improve these skills to succeed in their respective career.

What is the Meaning of Business Communication Skills?

What Are Business Communication Skills?

what is career and technical educationBusiness communication skills are skills that influence the way in which a worker conveys information to another person associated with the business for which he or she workers. All businesses require their workers to communicate. Restaurant servers, for example, must talk to patrons when describing the menu and taking orders, as well as ask back-of-house chefs for updates. Hotel managers, on the other hand, frequently communicate with both guests and workers to ensure that all guests' needs are accommodated.

Internal vs External Business Communication Skills: What's the Difference?

There are both internal and external business communication skills. The former involves interactions between a worker and someone else who works for the business, such as a coworker or manager, whereas the latter involves interactions between a worker and someone who doesn't work for the business, such as a customer, potential customer or vendor.

Verbal Business Communication Skills

Also known as oral business communication skills, verbal business communication skills involve spoken interactions in the workplace. Statistics show that the average person speaks an average of 7,000 words each day. For hospitality workers, this number is likely even higher. As such, workers in the hospitality industry should seek to improve their verbal business communication skills.

Nonverbal Business Communication Skills

Some people assume that written business communication skills are the same as verbal, but this isn't necessarily true. Nonverbal business communication skills are used to convey information in the workplace through gestures and facial expressions. Nodding your head up and down and smiling, for example, can be used to let a coworker know that you have a specific task covered.

Written Business Communication Skills

Of course, written business communication skills involve conveying information in the workplace through writing. Not all jobs require written business communication skills. In fact, there are many jobs in which workers are rarely or never required to write. But when writing is used in the workplace, workers must learn how to effectively convey their message using written words.

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